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Updates: 10/19/2018 Okay tried a different browser, that seems to work better with wordpress new site editor stuff. Got the third drabble up! About to go fix up the fanart galleries with some new art too.

10/18/2018 Having trouble updating the wordpress site…it’s so slow and lagging on my computer for some reason. Chapters 8-10 of the OSVP revamp have been posted, along with the first two chapters of the drabble revamp attempt. Chapter three is written, but at this point I am too frustrated with wordpress to mess around with trying to post it.

Also, I have been slowly translating my VP doujinshi collection, and as such am thinking of updating the doujin section. With corrected summaries based on the translations, and maybe better cover image samples. Will def be making space for the rest of my VP stuff, as it’s over 40 doujins I own…:p


Welcome! You’ve somehow managed to stumble upon my little corner of the web, which is devoted to the video game Valkyrie Profile. Mainly fanfiction, focusing on the pairing of Lezard Valeth and Lenneth Valkyrie. Though there is some fan art here, as well as fics focused on other characters as well.

Since the creation of this site, I have since added some fanfiction starring the pairing of Rufus and Alicia.   Sacrificial Maiden is one such fic, and they share screen time in Lezard’s Triumph. There’s also The chance that becomes an inevitability which started as a yaoi/slash fic staring Lezard and Rufus, but has since become a hurt/comfort fic for the Alicia Rufus pairing.

But mainly this is a site devoted to the stalker and his Goddess. What can I say, these two are my inspiration, my muse, they get me writing like nothing else can. I have a lot of fun writing about them, and I hope you enjoy reading. But be warned! A lot of the stories and even some of the art is adult in nature, so no minors allowed.

In addition to my own work, I am also hosting a good friend’s stories focusing on Lezard and Lenneth. Her name is Nichole and she’s very talented. She’s also the co-creator of Chasing Infidelity, a comic (And now a website!) done with her partner in crime Tracy Williams. Good stuff, you should really check it out! ^_-

Enjoy your stay, and watch out for spoilers for both VP: Lenneth and VP: Silmeria.

Unless otherwise noted, all works written on this site are by Michelle a.k.a. Lotornomiko.  Sadly I do not own the copyright to Lezard and Lenneth, that honor belongs to Square Enix. No proft is being made, this is done purely for my enjoyment.

Header Image drawn and designed by Bunny of Rebirth/Ruin fame! *hugs her*

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